Devon Anglin not guilty of child murder

Cleared of murdering a child, for the second time.

Devon Anglin is found not guilty of shooting dead four year old Jeremiah Barnes. But he’s not a free man, as he’s already serving life for the night club murder of Carlo Webster seven years ago.

Judge Justice Charles Quin cited the eye-witness accounts of the little boys parents, Dorlisa and Andy Barnes saying his contained too many inconsistent accounts. And his wife’s description of events did not support his. He said the amounts of gun shot residue found on the clothing worn by the accused, could have been innocent contamination, as some of the arresting officers were armed.

And of the CCTV evidence that said both Anglin and the gunman were wearing similar blue jeans, similar shoes, and similar chequered boxer shorts, he said this was tenuous and weak.

Among a court room of journalists and police officers sat Katina Anglin, Devon’s mother.She hugged and kissed her son after the verdict.

“I told him that god has remembered his name,” she said. “That god had never forsaken him or left him. And this was only another spoke in his support wheel from god. And that he’s only stronger now as a result of this.”

Cayman 27’s Paul Kennedy has this report.

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