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Cayman at a disadvantage during CARIFTA games

Cayman’s swimming Technical Director Bailey Weathers says the country is at a disadvantage when it comes on to CARFITA. Mr. Weathers says there is no denying that Cayman has improved in the quality of athletes that it sends off to the games over the years, however we are still lacking quantity.

Mr. Weathers says on average Cayman sends only half the number of representatives that our larger counterparts send each year, but the main reason behind that is a lack of financial support.

“We are going to also need to be able to get enough funding to take a full team,” said Mr. Weathers. He added,”We would probably take about 20 athletes this year. A full team would be 48, so we have to work our way up.”

But for the athelets who don’t make the cut, for whatever reason be it finance or talent, there are local meets that help them showcase what they have to offer.

90% of athletes who train and compete in local meets will never get the chance to actually represent Cayman; and so Mr. Weathers believes swim meets helps to foster that competitive spirit that may go unseen.


About the author

Andrel Harris

Andrel Harris

After completing high school in Cayman, Andrel Harris joined the news team as a Reporter Trainee in 2013. Now he serves as a reporter/producer, as well as the 'Cayman 27 Today' anchor. He also contributes to the talk shows and present weather forecasts. He hails from the district of North Side.

"Working with Cayman 27 has been a rewarding and eye opening experience. Through the power of the media, I've been able to help give a voice to the people living in Cayman." - Andrel Harris

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  • Why didn’t Cayman27- Andrel Harris an article on this past weekend’s CIASA National Championships?? Seems if Swimming, which is clearly the only sport that Cayman is competitive at on an international and Olympic level got more press coverage then they might be able to get more sponsorship??

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