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Environment Break: Rules for water dumping

The Cayman Islands National Conservation Law, is wide in scope when it comes to the protection of Cayman’s natural resource. One area it covers in water dumping. Under the new law dumping in Cayman’s water is illegal. The previous law only covered effluents or raw sewage. This former definition was narrow says Department of Environment’s (DoE) John Bothwell.  He says the new law now covers a wider range of items, including any pathogens , and solid waste material runoffs.

If someone reports illegal dumping DoE Conservation Officers will go out to the scene to take account and photos of what’s taking place. A cease and desist order will be made. From there the party responsible will have to find a course of action to ensure the dumping no longer continues.

An entity that raises questions when it comes to water dumping is the Turtle Farm. Mr. Bothwell says the Turtle Farm has always been under the restrictions of the Water Authority. He says the Water Authority has been regulating the Turtle Farm and has been working on reducing its outflow. “Any operation produces waste, it’s a question of how we handle it” adds Mr. Bothwell.

Members of the public can take steps to reduce wastes that ends up in the water, by participating in the DoE’s fishing line recycling programme. Bins have been placed in all dive shops, and other public areas, for people to place left over or collected fishing line. The line is then sent off, by the DoE, to be recycled.


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Edlyn Ruiz

Edlyn Ruiz

Edlyn Ruiz first began a career in broadcast, in radio as a teen. She joined the Cayman 27 team as an intern, while pursuing her Bachelors. She came on board full time in 2011. She serves as a producer and on-air host/anchor. She has an interest in stories focused on health, and the environment.

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