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Parenting Plus: Love languages of children

Love languages is a theory developed by Gary Chapman. It describes how people give and receive love in different ways. There are five ways in which this takes place, physical touch, words of affirmation, gifts, quality time, and acts of service. Understanding a person’s love language is important when it comes to strengthening relationships. Miriam Foster of the Family Resource Centre says often people will feel unloved, because they aren’t receiving love in a way that speaks to them, this can cause confusion and strife in a relationship.

For a lot of children, she says, quality time and words of affirmation are the primary love language.  Mrs. Foster says when you understand someone’s love language it can help you honour that person. She also notes that a person’s temperament can impact their love language. She goes on to note that when children feel unloved they tend to act out instead of speaking up.

Mrs. Foster suggest parent read Chapman’s book on love languages, including the one specific to children and teens. She also encourages families to visit the Family Resource Centre.

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Edlyn Ruiz

Edlyn Ruiz

Edlyn Ruiz first began a career in broadcast, in radio as a teen. She joined the Cayman 27 team as an intern, while pursuing her Bachelors. She came on board full time in 2011. She serves as a producer and on-air host/anchor. She has an interest in stories focused on health, and the environment.

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