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Prison sentence shake-up about creating safer Cayman

A shake up of the prisoner release system may well mean more work for government,  but it’s all for the greater good.

That’s the message from the man who put together the new plans, which came into effect this week.
Peter Gough, the strategic adviser to the Deputy Governor, says it’s all about creating a safer country for us to live.

“Everybody makes mistakes,” said Mr. Gough. “But some mistakes people end up in prison. You’ve got to think about giving those people a second chance.”

It days gone by, after serving their sentence, hands were washed of prisoners, who were left to fend for themselves, often with criminal consequences.

Mr. Gough added: “When certain people are let out of prison, we know there is going to be a spike in crime in certain areas.

“Now that person who is let out now, after two thirds with no conditions, will be under conditions so we will be able to monitor that person.”

The new sentencing regime came into play this week, it means anyone who is jailed for more than a year will be eligible for parole after serving 60 per cent of his or her sentence.

Cayman 27’s Paul Kennedy has more.

About the author

Paul Kennedy

Paul Kennedy

Paul has worked for more than 20 years for regional and national newspapers in the UK covering some of the world’s biggest stories.

A multi-award winning journalist, Paul’s dream story is to find a dog that can play the piano. In the meantime he covers general news, produces, and hosts a weekly show about English football.

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