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Bush, McLaughlin respond to missing at sea review

Opposition Leader Hon. McKeeva Bush says the Governor’s Office is playing politics in its call for an inquiry into the RCIPS’ response to reports of five missing boaters.

See his full statement below posted on his Facebook page Thursday evening (10 March):

“This so called inquiry by the Governor at the behest of the Commissioner of Police comes disgracefully, some 6 hours plus after I, as the Leader of the Opposition filed a motion, minutes after 11 am, which was seconded by the Hon Anthony Eden, calling for an independent inquiry into the mishandling of the tragic case involving the 5 souls missing at sea. This investigation was to be conducted with persons not known or associated with the Commissioner of Police or the Deputy Governor.

This is not a coincidence and this is the case of the Governors office playing politics as has been so evident for the last many years, in particular since 2009. The motion will go forward whenever the house is called, so let’s see what the Minister of Home Affairs and his PPM colleagues will do.
This matter lay squarely at the feet of the Minister of Home Affairs. Given the public outcry into this matter, he should have stood up and called for this investigation as the Minister and leader of this country.

The current course of action will leave the public feeling as though this will not be an independent inquiry, given the protectionist nature this Governor has treated this Police Commissioner.”

Premier Hon. Alden McLaughlin responded Friday afternoon (11 March). See his full statement below:

“It is deeply regrettable that the tragic loss at sea of 3 Caymanian men and 2 little boys is being seized upon as an opportunity to score political points. I condemn this callous and despicable  behavior and will not participate in furthering it.

Legitimate concerns about the management of the incident by government agencies have been raised and  in any situation such as this rumours abound. But it is irresponsible and reckless to make judgments without the benefit of evidence. All the circumstances surrounding this tragic event will be examined by the Independent Inquiry which Her Excellency the Governor announced on 10th March and the findings will be made public. I support the establishment of the Inquiry and am confident that independent, able individuals will be appointed to it, capable of carrying out the task.  I strongly urge everyone to await the report of the inquiry before making judgments.

For my part I am visiting with members of the families and my thoughts and prayers are with them at this time of great loss.”

About the author

Tammi Sulliman

Tammi Sulliman

Tammi Sulliman is a Caribbean journalist with more than 15 years in the industry. Her roots steeped in print journalism, she made the transition to television in 2007. A reporter and talk show host in the Cayman Islands, she has focused on political and social issues affecting the community. She took the helm of the news product at Hurley's Media Ltd. as News Director in November, 2015. Ms Sulliman was raised in Trinidad & Tobago and graduated with honours in French Linguistics and Professional Writing from the University of Toronto in Ontario, Canada. She is a proud mother and privileged to call the Cayman Islands home.

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