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Easter camping safety

Easter is this weekend which means families will take place in a long standing tradition of Camping.  The Cayman Fire services wants to bring awareness and help to keep the campground safe.

Some tips to keep the campground safe include, building your fire at least 15 feet away from your tint, having a first-aid kit available at all times, and just general awareness.

The fire service all elaborated on the important of being aware of carbon monoxide injuries.  Stressing that carbon monoxide is orderless and a colourless cash and it can cause illness or even death.

Click the video for the full interview.

Camp site fire safety
Assess the camp site before dark
Build your fire at least 15 feet away from your tent
Do not use naked flames inside a tent
Have a fire extinguisher or bucket of water
Extinguish all flames before going to bed
Store and use flammable liquids & gas cylinders outside tent

Department of  Environmental Health: 949-2499

Cayman Islands Fire Service: 949-2499

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Keevon Douglas

Keevon Douglas

Keevon Douglas joined the Cayman 27 team as a host and producer of its morning talk show, Daybreak. He has an extensive radio/deejay background with more than ten years in the business. He is the proud father Kaeden and spends his free time with his son.

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