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Forbes to miss World Indoors due to CIAA misstep

Two Cayman Islands athletes qualified for this week’s IAAF World Indoor Championships but only one will make the trip.

A mistake by the Cayman Islands Athletics Association appears to be the reason why the other won’t attend the world’s second-most prestigious meet of the year.

An e-mail obtained by Cayman 27 appears to show an error by the CIAA cost hurdler Ronald Forbes a chance to compete and nearly resulted in Cayman not being represented at all.

Sprinter Kemar Hyman and hurdler Ronald Forbes both qualified for the meet. But Forbes received this e-mail (edited for style and spelling)  this week, just days before he planned to leave for the meet, in Portland, Oregon.

Dear Ronald

I write on behalf of the Cayman Islands Athletics Association to congratulate you on your recent qualification to the IAAF World Indoor Championships.

Unfortunately, due to late entry submission, the IAAF declined both entries but after a request for consideration, they accepted one late entry and the majority of Executive Members voted for Kemar Hyman to represent the Cayman Islands at the meet.

Please understand that we were put in a difficult position and We, the Executive Members of the Cayman Islands Athletic Association accept total responsibility and we apologise for any inconveniences this may have caused.

Again, my apologies and sorry

Yours sincerely,

Dalton Watler

CIAA President

Forbes, who has run the 26th-fastest time in the 60-metre hurdles in the world this season, took to social media to vent his frustration and question the explanation given.

Here’s his response in full (edited for style):

In writing this , I speak for all athletes regardless of sport that have had their voices muffled , opinions silenced and in certain cases have been completely ostracized by sporting bodies entrusted with their destinies . In past and in too many present cases we as athletes need to stand up for ourselves and not just demand what we rightfully deserve based on our efforts but take total control of our respective sports from the inside out .
This example I hope serves not just for the purposes of myself but for upcoming future generations of the world. When you have just came back from a very productive training session in preparations for the biggest Indoor athletics competition of the world knowing you’re at the top 26 in the world (top 16 of you factor in who didn’t make their team) go to pack your bags and get hit with a “Dear john ” letter in what can only be classified as “Steve Harveyed ” . To add to insult when you have been in this sport from the age of 15 and have watched 5 presidents of your association come and go and you clearly know that the content of this is 100% grade A , two day old [garbage].
It’s on thing the tell me the harsh truth in any matter but to lie through your teeth and sign it as president of the association is completely insulting , embarrassing and completely disrespectful.
Going forward I would like to congratulate my fellow countryman on an earned place on what would have been a team. To all others competing this weekend in Portland , congratulations and I wish you all a very successful World Indoors Championships.

Man of character

Ronald Forbes

CIAA President Dr. Dalton Watler expects to speak with Cayman 27 later this week about the issue.

So Hyman will be the only Caymanian athlete competing at the World Indoor meet. He’ll compete in the 60-metre dash, where his season’s-best time of 6.66 seconds is tied for the 98th-best time in the world this season.

Hyman’s preliminary run will come on 18 March.

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Kevin Morales

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