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Heart Smart Health Week: Feeding a healthy heart

Heart health starts with what you feed your body. Since food is our body’s fuel, it’s important to get good energy from good foods. Dietitian Tamra Riley says a good place to start is with fibre. Soluble fiber is helpful in lowering low-density lipoprotein (LDL), otherwise known as the bad cholesterol. Your goal should be to get a least 25 grams of fibre a day. You should focus on getting fibre from fruit, vegetables and whole grains. Some easy ways to add fibre include adding almonds to salad, add beans into a soup, or add flaxseed into your morning muffin.

In addition to adding fibre into your diet, Ms. Riley suggest you use oil sparingly , and instead use herbs and spices to flavor your food. She also suggest you focus on lean meats, and to be sure to remove the skin for poultry before cooking.

A final piece of advice from Ms. Riley is to be avoid foods that are bad for the heart. Staying away for excess sugar, consume alcohol in moderation, and sticking to heart healthy foods even when you eat our are some ways to keep on the right track.

Eating heart healthy

Use oil in small amounts
Remove skin from poultry before cooking
Choose lean meats
Increase fibre
Use herbs & spices to flavor food
Be wary of added sugar
Moderate alcohol intake
Make healthy choices when eating out
Heart attack warning signs
Chest pain or discomfort
Upper abdominal pain
Cold sweats or clammy skin
Unusual tiredness or nausea
Shortness of breath


About the author

Edlyn Ruiz

Edlyn Ruiz

Edlyn Ruiz first began a career in broadcast, in radio as a teen. She joined the Cayman 27 team as an intern, while pursuing her Bachelors. She came on board full time in 2011. She serves as a producer and on-air host/anchor. She has an interest in stories focused on health, and the environment.

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