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Inner Peace: Mindfulness in relationships

Dr Taylor Burrow feels its important to be intentional in our relationships rather than excepting things as the way they are.  We can take a better look at the people we have in our lives by practicing a simple exercise by taking a pen and paper and drawing diagram with your circle of friendships, making this visual representation will be helpful in your life.

This will help put things into perspective so that you can visually see who is important to you and what do you want to be to those people in your life.
Dr Burrows also speaks on how to nurture a relationships within your inner and also explaining the importance compassion and kindness to make your relationships stronger.
Click the video for the full interview.

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Keevon Douglas

Keevon Douglas

Keevon Douglas joined the Cayman 27 team as a host and producer of its morning talk show, Daybreak. He has an extensive radio/deejay background with more than ten years in the business. He is the proud father Kaeden and spends his free time with his son.

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