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Lost at sea: The latest

Missing for more than 48 hours – the search continues for three men and two school children lost at sea.

Brothers Kanyi and Kamron Brown, their uncle Gary Mullings and friends Edsell Haylock and Nicholas Watler have not been seen since Sunday (6 March).

As volunteers joined police in the search, the Deputy Commissioner Anthony Ennis of the RCIPS met with the families, to answer their questions.

“I went to work. Melody went to work. I got a call from my brother-in-law to say he was going to take kids out fishing,” said the children’s father Imron Brown.

“But I wasn’t aware of how far he was going.”

At least 12 miles for certain, that’s where they were last seen, at 12 Mile Bank, between 3 p. m. and 4 p. m. Sunday (6 March).

Mr. Brown added, “I didn’t see my kids around so I started questioning where are they. After going around and questioning them I begin to find out he went to 12 Mile Bank.”

At midnight Tuesday (8 March), it will be 48 hours since the police were told of the missing five.

The boat set sail Sunday, and was seen by fishermen around at 12 mile bank.

Connection is lost on the two cell phones on board the boat, then the family becomes concerned and tell police.

But its not until the next morning that the police start their search, first the helicopter, then a Joint Marine Unit boat. That’s after 9 a. m. ,more than 9 hours since family alerted police.

Around 10.30 a. m. Monday (7 March), the capsized boat is found but nobody on board.

The police boat suffers damage and returns to Grand Cayman around the same time a prayer vigil is held in George Town.

The RCIPS then puts out a call for volunteer boaters and the search resumes Tuesday (8 March) morning.

Police deputy commissioner Anthony Ennis meets with the family, and the stricken vessel is brought back to shore.

The five missing people are:

Edsell Haylock, 39 is a popular face in Cayman. A keen fisherman, the West Bayer worked at Cayman Cabana and Macabuca as a chef.

He is married with one young child.

Nicholas Watler, is also married with a child, at 23 he’s the youngest adult in the group, lives in George Town and works at the Cayman Islands Customs Agency.

Another familiar face around George Town is Gary Mullings. Self employed, the 42 year old is a married father of two.

And finally the children on board, Kamron brown is 11 years old, attends john gray high school where he is a member of Dolphin House.

His baby brother Kayni is just 9 years old, and a pupil at Red Bay Primary where he’s a member of the school’s Parrot House.

A always at times like this, social media is awash with tributes, thoughts, prayers and messages of good will.

Members of the family of those lost at sea, also took to Facebook to share their feelings.

The mother the missing children, the mother of Mr. Watler and friends of Mr. Haylock all posted their own messages.

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Paul Kennedy

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A multi-award winning journalist, Paul’s dream story is to find a dog that can play the piano. In the meantime he covers general news, produces, and hosts a weekly show about English football.

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