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Policing minimum wage

Now that the minimum wage law is in effect, policing it will require all hands on deck.

The onus is largely on government and it says that it has supplied the Department of Labour and Pensions (DLP) with extra resources to do just that.

The Chamber of Commerce does not have a mandate to enforce the law on its members but its leaders say they will place a call to a business should a matter come to their attention where any law might be broken or breached. “I think we are proud of the fact most of our members adhere to the law. We encourage out members to follow it. We can’t police it but if we had a member not following the law we would reach out to them and encourage them to do so,” said President-Elect Kyle Broadhurst.

Mr. Broadhurst and President Paul Pearson appeared on Thursday’s (3 March) edition of The Panel.



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Tammi Sulliman

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