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Shock treatment warns teens of dangers on the road

School children were given the short sharp shock treatment by the Commissioner of Police who warned them: They could be killed in a car crash.

David Baines was speaking to pupils at Clifton Hunter High School, who were given a special screening of Road Impact: Cayman Islands, a documentary made by production staff here at Cayman 27 in partnership with the RCIPS.

Mr. Baines said, taking into account current statistics, at least five of those in the audience, may be killed or seriously injured in car crashes.

“I don’t want them to go through the sorry and the tragedy of the characters and individuals you saw on the film. So that’s why it’s hard hitting,” said Commissioner Baines.

“We don’t have time to laugh and joke about this, because in two seconds, loss of control of a motor bike or a car, means the difference between life and death.”

Cayman 27’s Diana Duffield who directed and produced the documentary, also spoke with the students of the school.

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Paul Kennedy

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