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Staying a Step Ahead: Back Injures

One of the most common injuries is to the lower back. and physiotherapist Christine Gibbs has information that will help alleviate that pain.


Top 10 Tips:

  1.  Find the cause of the pain.
  2. Don’t medicate or use ice.
  3. Focus on your posture.
  4. Work on your flexibility.
  5. Strengthen your muscles.
  6. Try a foam roller.
  7. Train your core.
  8. Use proper lifting technique.
  9. Lose weight.
  10. Buy quality furniture.


A Step Ahead Physiotherapy

About the author

Keevon Douglas

Keevon Douglas

Keevon Douglas joined the Cayman 27 team as a host and producer of its morning talk show, Daybreak. He has an extensive radio/deejay background with more than ten years in the business. He is the proud father Kaeden and spends his free time with his son.

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