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Street Bike Backlash

Dirt-bikes are a nuisance and police want them banned.However one member of the community says not everyone should pay for the actions of a few who don’t fall the law.
Cayman 27’s Mario Grey reports

ThThieves break in to Police station again.e police are annoyed with dirt-bikes and believes they should be banned from Cayman’ roads. However one member of the community is not in agreement with the ban.

“If they ban dirt-bikes at this stage and we’re able to get a facility, make a track in a given area, then all of a sudden it’s gonna be a year or so trying to unwind that and it’s a lot easier ways to get around the motocross bike situation than banning it.
President of the Cayman islands motorcycle riders association, Keith Keller added, better action can be taken by riders to have bikes legitimized”. Keller said.

Keller also added, that a burden of responsibility, should lie on the riders, as proper methods to license bikes and make them acceptable on the roads are always an option.

“Bikes, the dirt-bike, any bike can be set up, due to Cayman law, as long as they have, headlight, turn signals, taillight, license plate, license plate light and insurance, they can ride on the roads. The dirt bikes, a lot of them are already crossing them over to street tires on the bikes to ride on rather the novy tires that are suppose to be on the dirt-bikes. So you know, for a few hundred bucks, you can actually get a kit to make that bike street legal”. Keller said.

He adds the onus is on the riders to get their affairs in order and fall within the law.

“To me it’s on the riders, if you’re gonna import a bike you have to have a license for it, if you’re gonna be on the road, you have to go by what everybody else has to go by. You cant just get a motorcycle and start heading on the road, when it’s illegal”.

In the end Mr Keller believes, that an outright ban would put the bike world back in reverse..

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Mario Grey

Mario Grey

Mario Grey's passion for journalism has been long intertwined with his love of people and culture from his days as a youth growing up in the Cayman Islands. He captained his debate team whilst at John Gray High School and graduated as Head Prefect. He also worked at KVHU FM in Searcy, Arkansas, United States and worked and interned for Radio Cayman News before graduating from the University Of Arkansas at Little Rock in May 2015.

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