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Bicyclist struck by vehicle

Police have not provided any weekend update on the man who was last reported in critical condition after he was knocked from his bicycle on West Bay road Friday morning.  It happened in front of Wendy’s restaurant, just north of Lawrence Boulevard.  The report did not say what kind of vehicle struck the bicycle or the status of the driver, only that the 54-year-old received serious injuries and an investigation is under way.

It’s the second time a bicyclist was struck by a car in less than a week, cyclists and runners both say traffic needs to be more aware of them, especially the professional drivers.

“By professional drivers, I mean the taxi drivers, the bus drivers, any body in construction traffic in a long vehicle…they really are full-time drivers, and they really need to take care of what they’re doing and think about these cyclists and pedestrians on the road,” said Mr. Richard McKee, manager of the West Bay Loop.

Long distance runner, Mr. Derek Haines also added, “I think some motorists don’t understand that leaving only a couple of inches between them and either the runner, or the cyclist, or whatever, isn’t enough because the breeze that comes along with the vehicle.”

It should be stressed as well that bicyclists should always ride in the same direction as traffic and always wear a helmet.

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