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Boating inquiry delayed

One month since five boaters went missing at sea, the search for answers faces delays.

In a statement issued by the Governor’s Office, it was revealed the US-based National Transport Safety Board said it’s unable to carry out the inquiry.

Officials are seeking an alternative as soon as soon as possible.

The family of the missing boaters said they want one thing. “The truth. That’s all we’re seeking. The truth behind what took place,” said Hyman Mullings, brother of missing Gary Mullings.

“We want it to be public. If there’s anything that’s cloaked up or in the dark it will come to light. Rather than being behind closed doors so we as the family members and the public can see exactly and hear exactly what is taking place. We can be involved, we can be a part of it.”

It’s been a month since Mr. Mullings brother Gary set sail with his friend Edsell Haylock and nephews Nicholas Watler, and Kamron and Kanyi Brown. On this occasion, time has been no healer.

“It’s been tough,” added Mr. Mulling. “But God is in control. And I believe in God. And I know that he will bring justice and whatever is in the dark he will bring it to light.”

Mr. Mullings also says he is disappointed the Premier had taken a decision for the Legislative Assembly to not sit earlier to discuss a number of issues, including the case of his family.
He said this adds further delays in the search for the truth.

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