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Inmates help 96 year old

Rena Alexander is 96-years of age and her daughter Hazeldeen Solomon is age 75. They both live together in the community of Northward and have lived together ever since their beginning.

The tidiness of the yard has been out of control for the two women while family members and friends have been overwhelmed with the state of the yard. However, things took a sudden turn on Saturday (April 23) when 10 inmates from the Northward prison, along with Deputy Director of Her Majesty’s prison service Mr. Richard Barton journeyed to the home of the women, lending the two elderly women a hand.

The unit of inmates pulled up shrubs, manicured flower beds and overhauled junk and other stationary material from the women’s surroundings, all in a collaborative effort as corrections week creeps down to the end.

Daughter Hazeldeen Solomon says she is happy with the help the inmates have given and expresses her appreciation for family members as well. “I am very grateful to Sheila for having it done, for seeing to it. Sheila Minslet is the niece of my mother Rena Alexander, so she appreciates it very much that Sheila has seen to it,” Ms. Hazeldeen said while diverting some appreciation for her family’s involvement.

Deputy Director Richard Barton said he and his inmates have always shown preparedness in instances where the community requires some help. “For the prisoners and officers to come together and decide well, OK this is what we’re going to do to show the community that, we do care and there is a lot of prisoners in there who want to come out and make a difference,” Mr. Barton said.

Corrections week will be finished on April 30th but Mr. Barton said that he and fellow officers are still intent on community involvement.

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Mario Grey

Mario Grey

Mario Grey's passion for journalism has been long intertwined with his love of people and culture from his days as a youth growing up in the Cayman Islands. He captained his debate team whilst at John Gray High School and graduated as Head Prefect. He also worked at KVHU FM in Searcy, Arkansas, United States and worked and interned for Radio Cayman News before graduating from the University Of Arkansas at Little Rock in May 2015.

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