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Man critical after police chase following armed robbery attempt


A man has been flown off island for emergency treatment after he was knocked off his motor bike during a police chase.

Roger Wood, 20, has suffered a broken pelvis and breaks to his leg after Thursday (7 April) night’s crash.

Cayman 27 crews were at the Cayman Islands Hospital where Mr. Wood was taken for treatment.
He has then prepared to be air lifted to the United States for further care.

The scene of the accident on Mangrove Avenue in Prospect was closed off Friday morning and the vehicles removed.

Police say the motorbike rider was speeding and refused to stop.

They say the rider was followed after he was seen speeding along Harbour Drive, not long after two men tried to hold up a bar in George Town.

Armed with what appeared to be guns, two masked men threatened staff and customers at the Smugglers Rum Bar on Fort Street, but fled empty handed.

Anyone with information should call detectives in George Town on 949-4222.

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Paul Kennedy

Paul Kennedy

Paul has worked for more than 20 years for regional and national newspapers in the UK covering some of the world’s biggest stories.

A multi-award winning journalist, Paul’s dream story is to find a dog that can play the piano. In the meantime he covers general news, produces, and hosts a weekly show about English football.

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  • Courtney JWood TO CAYMAN 27: In appreciation to the sharing of the circumstance, I just want to say I do not appreciate the story that is being publicly shared as it is causing a lot of grief on MYSELF! The amount of people who had added remarks due to the unjustified situation is unfair. NOT only to his reputation but to HIMSELF, to Me as his sister and not to mention his Parents! I am very upset with what has been posted because the Investigators cant release any information to us, why are they releasing anything to you all. Who should be the major concern should not be the public. My brother is not a criminal. In this case, I would be too, and a lot more people would be too. I am so sorry that this had to happen but I can tell you one thing.. I am thankful! Thankful for health and well-being in his condition he was put in, THANKFUL that you all did what we as a community have to see. Our police force is not here to protect us. They are here to manipulate an innocent person for doing what they do. For what not only one person enjoys, but many… Riding is not just a thing. It is definitely a lifestyle. It is a life of controls and risks! Something we all deal with on a daily basis. I am so ready to fight this situation because for one: YOU all are posting boogusness because of the information given by the same people who done this to him. I AM READY TO HEAR WHAT WILL BE SAID WHEN THE MOON FALLS AND THE SUN IS SHINING ON THE WILL OF THE LORD. IN CHRIST NAME WE WILL BE JUSTIFIED.

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