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Observatory intern seizes ‘out of this world’ opportunity

Opportunities don’t always come in tidy packages.

UCCI student Shannon Williams didn’t know what to expect when he landed an internship at the school’s observatory, but he grabbed the bull by the horns and found his niche: channeling his passion for web design into a sleek new website for the observatory.

Mr. Williams told Cayman 27 he was doubtful his skill set would fit in after landing an ‘out of this world’ internship at the school’s observatory.

“Firstly, I thought this wasn’t going to work out. This is an astronomical observatory to study astronomy, outer space, and I do computer science,” he said.

But after talking with observatory chief Dr. Bill Hrudy, it was determined his passion for web design would indeed be of value.

“As I got to know shannon, I realized, this young guy has tons of potential, one of which was of course, was his interest in websites, and we needed one so we got to work on that and developed a fantastic website,” said Dr. Hrudy.

Mr. Williams parlayed his success with the redesigned observatory website into an even bigger opportunity, assisting on a complete overhaul of the UCCI website.

“Now we are in the process of designing, drafting, budgeting, and it’s really been a good experience, because I ‘m actually getting real world experience working with people, working with a professional designer,” said Mr. Williams.

He told Cayman 27 having the confidence to push himself made all the difference.

“I ‘m in college, I ‘m supposed to push myself, step out of my comfort zone, and that’s what I did, and I can say I ‘m more comfortable than ever stepping out of my comfort zone,” said Mr. Williams.

“Probably the best thing that ever happened to the observatory was to have Shannon come as an intern,” said Dr. Hrudy, who told Cayman 27 he was prepared to take extreme steps to keep him at the university.

“I may have to lock him in the basement, I don’t want to lose him,” he joked.

See his work for yourself at the UCCI observatory website.

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Joe Avary

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