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Self-defence for women touted

For some women the thought of fighting off an attacker who is bigger and stronger may be daunting, but one self-defence instructor wants to beat down that train of thought.

After Avital Zeisler was sexually assaulted, she embarked on a journey to learn how to take back control and defend herself. That trip took her halfway around the world and back. She went to the Middle East where she studied Krav Maga and other forms of martial arts. After perfecting her skills, she developed her own form of self-defence – the Soteria Method.

Ms Zeiler said, “It shows women how they don’t need to compromise or affect their femininity for survival, but you don’t need to be bigger or stronger than your attacker.” It is a message that she hopes to pass on to the women living in Cayman.

“When a woman has that knowledge it shows women how to really develop a survival mind-set that can over power her limitations to actually survive,” said Ms Zeiler.

A seminar will be held tomorrow for women who are interested in taking up self-defence classes. For more information on the seminar, click here.

About the author

Andrel Harris

Andrel Harris

After completing high school in Cayman, Andrel Harris joined the news team as a Reporter Trainee in 2013. Now he serves as a reporter/producer, as well as the 'Cayman 27 Today' anchor. He also contributes to the talk shows and present weather forecasts. He hails from the district of North Side.

"Working with Cayman 27 has been a rewarding and eye opening experience. Through the power of the media, I've been able to help give a voice to the people living in Cayman." - Andrel Harris

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