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Sir Turtle sets sights on new destinations

The promise of a new fleet of larger, stronger airplanes also brings with it new gateways in new destinations. Those at Cayman Airways say by 2020 Sir Turtle will be landing in countries he has never seen before.

Cayman Airways President and CEO Fabian Whorms says come 2018 they expect to start the retiring process of their fleet of four Boeing 737-300, while introducing four brand new Boeing 737-800 Max.

The new planes will seat 40 more passengers and burn 20 per cent less fuel than the current ones. They will also offer on board WIFI and in flight entertainment, something not offered on present flights. Deputy Premier and Tourism Minister Hon. Moses Kirkconnell says the modernisation of the Cayman Airways fleet is a part of a larger plan to help develop the tourism product of the Cayman Islands.

The stay over room numbers have increased and with new hotels stated to come on line the number of people taking flights to and from the islands are expected to increase as well. Currently, Sir Turtle controls the lion’s share of the market. 43 per cent of people who arrive in Cayman do so by Cayman Airways. Minister Kirkconnell says when the increased number of passengers arrive to our shores they want to make sure Sir Turtle gets his fair share.

During a press conference he said, “Strategically it has been looked at and said we are going to bring more people for stay over visitation. How do we make this opportunity work for one of the government companies that delivers a tremendous ROI on investment to the country itself?”

One way to help ensure that this goal is met will be the introduction of new gate ways in both new and current destinations. The newer planes will can now travel longer distances to reach places that were once too far way.

He said, “Cayman Airways will now have the range to be able to reach any part of the US, and most of Canada and also look for other gate ways south of here.”

About the author

Andrel Harris

Andrel Harris

After completing high school in Cayman, Andrel Harris joined the news team as a Reporter Trainee in 2013. Now he serves as a reporter/producer, as well as the 'Cayman 27 Today' anchor. He also contributes to the talk shows and present weather forecasts. He hails from the district of North Side.

"Working with Cayman 27 has been a rewarding and eye opening experience. Through the power of the media, I've been able to help give a voice to the people living in Cayman." - Andrel Harris

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