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Lukewarm responses to voter registration

Proposed Elections Law revisions were tabled today (Friday 14 October) in the Legislative Assembly.
Big changes are needed… to implement the new single-member districts that will be used in the 2017 election.
But other things don’t change… like the need to remind voters to make sure their registration is up to date.

Supervisor of Elections Wesley Howell admits there are some challenges to tying down prospective voters.
“Take up has been varied. Some districts, some neighbourhoods we have had you know lots of people saying no. I do not want to register and then other neighbourhoods. We have lots of people saying yes we want to register, here are our forms we have been waiting for you to come,” Mr Howell says.
He and his staff are knocking on some 32,000 doors to get voters on the list before the December 30 deadline and while it’s slow in the beginning, he expects that to change when the campaigns pick up steam
“Once the politicians and the candidates to be start knocking on doors and start explaining the process they (voters) may become more receptive. We just need that to happen before the registration deadline,” he said.
But even with the sometimes seemingly lukewarm reception by his team in some districts, the Supervisor of Elections is confident the numbers will be good on May 24 2017.
“Observations are that this is going to be a competitive election season coming up and the voter turnout will be in the numbers that we are used to be seeing. but time will tell,” Mr Howell says.
Mr Howell reminds voters to contact or visit his office if they have at queries or concerns about their status and he is urging everyone to ensure they are registered or they will not get to exercise their franchise.
As a reminder, if you have questions about voter registration, the office has an easy to remember website

About the author

Reshma Ragoonath

Reshma Ragoonath

Reshma Ragoonath is a Trinidadian journalist with 16 years media experience with a strong background in print with her most recent stint at The Cayman Reporter. She has a BA in Mass Communications, as well as, an Associate degree in Journalism and Public Relations.

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