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The final CULLdown

It was the final culling tournament for lion-fish lovers all over Cayman and the numbers continue to rise as those from the Cayman United Lionfish League (CULL) shaped up and shipped out to the seas to bring in the catch.

CULL expert Mark Orr says this year was a little different with a few teams sitting out the tourney. “Unfortunately we’ve had a bit of a problem with weather, it’s a rough weather weekend so we didn’t have many teams but our 6 or 7 teams that signed up have done a great job and we’re still waiting on one or two to come in right at the end but we’re still gonna have probably a couple hundred fish I think we’ve cleared 200 actually,” said Mr. Orr.

The tournament was the 20th and final culling exhibition of the year and Mr. Orr urges everyone to keep eating lionfish to help preserve the coral reefs.

About the author

Mario Grey

Mario Grey

Mario Grey's passion for journalism has been long intertwined with his love of people and culture from his days as a youth growing up in the Cayman Islands. He captained his debate team whilst at John Gray High School and graduated as Head Prefect. He also worked at KVHU FM in Searcy, Arkansas, United States and worked and interned for Radio Cayman News before graduating from the University Of Arkansas at Little Rock in May 2015.

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