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NiCE workers earn shot at full-time jobs through performance

The National Community Enhancements are in full swing, and this year, more than a hundred “NiCE” workers clock-in each week of the programme with the Department of Environmental Health.

Some returning participants are back at the landfill for a second year of projects, and their hard work has earned them a three-month gig, with a shot at five full-time positions.

“You gotta come and show what you can put out, help the island, clean the island, you know, and from there, anything could happen for you,” said community enhancements worker James Barnes should know.

“I’m always a hard-working fellow,” he explained.

This year, he’s parlayed his performance in 2015’s NiCE programme into a shot at landing one of five full-time jobs.

“If I get the full-time job I’m going to be here, I’m a man, I don’t like to miss a day,” said Mr. Barnes.

Mr. Barnes is one of seven workers identified for three-month temporary positions with the DEH. Assistant Director of Solid Waste Mark Rowlands said it was their work ethic that impressed supervisors.

“These people here worked constantly. Constantly. Even though it was hot, they had ideas, they had skills, and they had a great work ethic, and that’s what we really needed for here,” said Mr. Rowlands.

“They’ve really distinguished themselves, and made, created a reputation for themselves in terms of their, um, commitment, and hard work that they have done, so it pays off,” said Councillor for health Roy McTaggart.

He told Cayman 27 he’s happy to see the nice programme paying off for previously unemployed Caymanians.

“That’s one of the real positive aspects of the programme, which in my mind really validates what we have done each year, with the nice programme,” he added.

“I just have a job to do and I come in and do it, and at the end of the day I go home and I feel good,” said Mr. Barnes, who hopes to make the most of this opportunity to better provide for his family. “At the moment right now, just my wife is pulling all the weight, so I’d like to join 50/50 you know.”


About the author

Joseph Avary

Joseph Avary

Joe Avary joined the Cayman 27 team in January 2014, bringing nearly two decades of experience in TV news to the islands. He spends his time away from the office scuba diving, practicing yoga, and trying to make his friends laugh at his comedic stylings. He proudly calls the district of West Bay home, and loves nothing more than relaxing visits to the Sister Islands.

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