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Camana Bay warning on unsupervised kids

It’s summer break and parents are wondering what to do with their kids and dropping them off at Camana Bay may seem like a good option. But management at Camana Bay are asking parents not to take advantage of the area and leave children unattended for lengthy hours, calling it a safety issue.

Security at Camana Bay ensure that it is open for all and they want children to enjoy themselves, but they also say children need supervision.

Head of Security at Camana Bay Derek Haines says his team often spots unsupervised children milling about late night at Camana Bay and that’s a potential hazard. While there’s round the clock security at Camana Bay, Mr. Haines says those officers can’t spend their time caring for minors especially late at night.

“After 11 pm there’s nothing for them to do after that time, they can’t go and get refreshments from the bars or anything like that so what are they going to do apart from wander and as we know when youngsters wander their minds turn to mischief.” says Mr. Haines.

While Mr. Haines says no particular incident has led to this plea, in November a fight amongst juveniles led to one arrest.

Mr. Haines went on to say, “From a safety point of view we would like parents to take a responsible attitude to it and come and fetch them and make sure they get home.”

Mother Nikky Shaw says it is a fair and reasonable request, “They say it takes a village to raise a child and if you’re going to come here and have all this fun and enjoy themselves its up to the parents as well to ensure that their children are being supervised you can’t just leave it up to the security officers.”

Mr. Haines stressed he wants everyone to feel welcomed and safe at Camana Bay but would like parents to help play their part in ensuring that safety continues.

Additional security staff is added on the weekends to manage the crowds and police also provide additional support.


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