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Ato Stephens Verdict

The coach accused of sexually assaulting a teenage athlete he coached has been found guilty of one of four charges against him. The Ato Stephens trial ended today with Justice Micheal Wood delivering a sentence of 18 months behind bars.

Ato Stephens was found guilty on one count of misuse of an ICT network in relation to the illicit photographs he received from a then 14 year old athlete he coached. We’re not naming the victim due to a court order. Mr. Stephens was given 18 months imprisonment and was told that upon completion of his sentence he will be deported.

Mr. Stephens was found not guilty on two counts of indecent assault and one of gross indecency. Justice Micheal Wood felt that there was a lack of sufficient evidence stating, “Despite the disgraceful behavior, there is just enough doubt for me to not be sure.”

Justice Wood said there were a number of troubling elements, such as there being no records of him threatening to kick her off the team and no one could recall her being the last one in the car as she claimed.

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