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Garry Hurlston rape trial thrown out

The Grand Court case involving accused rapist Gary Hurlston has been thrown out.

Justice Charles Quinn received a no case submission from the defence yesterday and said today he could not allow the trial to continue.

Charges of rape, abduction, assault causing actual bodily harm and threats to kill that is what Gary Hurlston faced in his trial

Grand court Judge Justice Charles Quinn described evidence in the case as vague or inconsistent, saying it creates a tricky case.

According to his statements in court what ultimately crumbled the case was a dishonest account to police about the location and timing of the alleged attack.

Justice Quinn said Tuesday he felt that she had no intention of ever informing the court of the truth as she only admitted the truth after defence questioned her.

He felt that this caused a change of story entirely.

Justice Quinn said the photographic and medical evidence was also inconsistent with the complainants statements and lacked definitive proof of rape.

The discovery of her admission to her medical examiner that she would have consented to Mr. Hurlston if he paid her was also damning to the case.

Before Justice Quinn announce to Mr. Hurlston he was free to go, he left with some advice.

“You should treat everyone with respect…and I suspect in this case you didn’t” said Justice Quinn


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