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Supermarkets address price gouging rumours

There have been allegations of price gouging at local supermarkets making the rounds on social media. There were claims from people that items such as water suddenly doubled in cost at grocery stores. Many believing that stores wanted to make a quick buck, but local supermarkets are dismissing those rumors.

“As a customer you can have confidence in our prices that we don’t adjust them based on something like you know a threat, a storm. we don’t do that at all.” said store manager of Fosters Food Fair (Strand) Gio Escobar. He insists their stores have never done that and never will.”

It’s a stance Scott Kristal, Marketing manager of Hurley’s supermarket, also takes adding Hurley’s prices have remained the same.

Mr. Kristal said, “We’ve heard from some customers that other stores have raised their prices quite substantially on their bottled water. We ordered ours in weeks ago, we’ve had it sitting in a warehouse waiting for a weekend like this.  We’ve still got Aquafina for $8.99 a case and our store brand water is still $4.99.”

We reached out to Kirk Market, but they declined an interview. As for availability of supplies there were some of the empty shelves seen in some stores. Staff insist there is no reason to panic buy. The stores have prerecorded to ensure there is enough stock for residents.

Mr. Escobar said, “We have all the essentials covered. Customers shouldn’t worry, we have plenty of product on hand for the customers to continue shopping for the essential things.”

But that hasn’t stopped people from taking precautionary measures. Like stocking up on extra supplies due to the pending devastation Florida – our main food supplier may soon face. One shopper Julia Shriver said she’s just trying to be prepared.

Ms. Shriver commented ” I got some messages last night saying that I should maybe prepare myself a bit for the next month or so, you know with the impact Irma hitting Miami. I’m just trying to prepare myself, not panic. But wanna be a little bit prepared.”


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