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Supermarkets ready for any fallout from Hurricane Irma impact on Florida

For now it appears Cayman has been spared from the wrath of Hurricane Irma. But as it barrels toward Florida, the Port of Miami has closed and that has stranded shipments of food and other supplies bound for Cayman.

However local supermarkets like Hurley’s Supermarket said they have supplies to last the storm.

Hurley’s Marketing Manager Scott Kristal told  Cayman 27 the store is prepared for any of Hurricane Irma’s collateral damage.

“We have been ordering in advance. We’ve got extra containers of water and canned food supplies that is on the water now that will be in tomorrow. We’ve had a container that came in last week that was full of bottled water so we’re pretty well set for the shelf stable merchandise.” said Mr. Kristal.

Cayman supermarkets fill their shelves with stock that comes mostly from Florida, our closest US neighbor and directly where Irma is forecast to hit in the coming days.

Fosters Food Fair issued a press release today (7 September) assuring that it too has stocked up in advance of the storm hitting Florida adding, “If there is a catastrophic hit on Miami we still have the option to fly in product at no extra cost to you.”

They also pointed out there are several ports in Florida.

Mr. Kristal said it’s impossible to predict how long or how severe any shipping interruptions may be.

“We won’t know what’s gonna happen until early next week whether we’re going to be able to get anything out of Florida probably until Tuesday before we know,” said Mr. Kristal.

Like many of us he’s hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst.



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