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Residents left to wonder where to dispose scrap now that DEH has reduced intake

The Department of Environmental Health announces the George Town landfill is scaling back the amount of scrap metal and derelict vehicles it can accept.

At the same time the DEH urges the public to refrain from abandoning vehicles on public and private property.

Some in the community say that’s already become a problem.

West Bay resident Abraham Oakley says the Department of Environmental Health should have a back up plan for situations such as this, when the landfill is scaling back.

“They didn’t plan that, they didn’t think that one day the dump would be the size that it is today, I guess not but they should have had a plan where or what they gonna do in the future,” said Mr. Oakley.

As it is abandoned cars, boats and containers are common sights on the island. Often decaying in yards or bushes.

Mr. Oakley said, “It make the community not look too, it look shabby you know what I mean a lot of old stuff is no use, that what I say you gotta get these things out of the way.”

Fellow West Bay resident Ellen Vernon agrees and wants this issue swiftly death with.

“I personally feel like the cars and the boats should be collected and properly put in place and be shipped off this island,” said Ms. Vernon.

However she says the blame for the eyesores shouldn’t rest solely on the DEH.

Ms. Vernon said, ” I respect the person that is in charge of the environmental health and I think he is doing his utmost best with whatever he has to work with and I guess he must have a reason to make that decision.”

Matthew Parsons says the mess can be dangerous in addition to being ugly.

“You know that can harbour rats and mosquitos and other pestilence so it would probably be best that if you’re not gonna fix it throw it away,” said Mr. Parsons.

The question these residents now have is how exactly to do that.

DEH Director Roydell Carter says the intake of scrap will be reduced until another area is prepared for safe storage.

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