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1st time surgery at HSA helps visiting baby

Picture this, you’re on vacation in a tropical paradise when all of a sudden your daughter becomes seriously ill and your left to find help in a foreign country. That’s exactly what happened with one family visiting Cayman. Cayman 27’s Jevaughnie Ebanks tells us, it took a first-of-its-kind procedure in Cayman to help a young girl get healthy.

Brandi and Adam Thompson-Ullian decided they wanted to leave cold New York in the winter time for the white sand beaches of Cayman. Mrs. Ullian said, “We arrived Saturday (13 January) afternoon, we had a perfect flight and it was a great start to our trip.” It soon took a turn for the worse for their seven-month-old daughter Caiden Thompson Ullian. She said, “She had this pacifier and I saw like a little tribble of milk come out of her mouth so I moved the pacifier so that she wouldn’t choke if she was going to spit up and she projectile vomited over the crib.” The couple soon had to trade in visions of relaxing on the beach with a visit to the emergency room, that’s when HSA doctors like Earl Robinson realized this wasn’t a simple stomach bug. Dr. Robinson said,”An ultrasound was done which showed it was actually a condition called intussusception where the bowel telescopes on itself.”

Caiden’s dad, Adam Ullian said, “They were looking through the images and found something they were not expecting and that’s the first time I had heard the term intussusception. I was like no no no we are here for dehydration she need’s and IV what do you mean?” it’s called intestinal intussusception. To fix it requires a keyhole surgery the HSA says was never before performed in Cayman until pediatric surgeon Dr. Zoltan Szucs met Caiden. He said, “Part of her intestine was folded over now this part the inside part, after a while gets swollen and because very tight the internal one is not able to come out.” Dr Zoltan said the hour-long procedure went without a hitch leaving Caiden and her family relieved and a few more days to recover while enjoying the rest of their holiday.

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