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New Chamber President Paul Byles talks future plans

Businessman Paul Byles is the new Chamber of Commerce President and he says he’s looking at the role with fresh eyes and a positive outlook.

“I think it’s a very good opportunity to become more involved in helping our chamber members to be successful, it’s also an important opportunity to work with the government and the wider community to help everyone who lives in this country,” said Mr. Byles.

He said the Chamber has a wish list for its members.

“We want to ensure that the rest of the community is getting support from the business community as well and that the environment is taken care of and that crime and safety are also issues that are addressed,” Mr. Byles added.

He says the Chamber’s advocacy programme will help the chamber achieve its goals through several avenues.

“The first is education and workforce development and training the second is regulatory efficiency so ensuring that businesses have more or less, less red tape,” said Mr. Byles.

Does he have what it takes to get the job done as chamber president? Mr. Byles believes his resume speaks for itself.

“What I bring to the role is I have a lot of community experience and a lot of direct voluntary organisational experience. I also have a professional background obviously in financial services as well as being a small business owner myself, so what I bring to the table I hope is the leadership to make the rest of the council work together,” said Mr. Byles.

He says through the Chamber’s advocacy programme and cooperation with members, the Chamber will help the business community reach its full potential.

“We want to ensure that the economy continues to be successful, because if the economy is successful then the businesses are going to be contributing directly to more employment and a better standard of life for Caymanians,” said Mr. Byles.

The Chamber lauded plans to improve regulatory efficiency for business owners by making it easier to get a Trade and Business license.

More on that in the coming days.

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