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Adult entertainment club opens; Owner: it’s not a strip club

Its owner describes it as an adult entertainment club and Raglan Roper says there’s nothing morally or legally wrong with it.

Mariposa opened its doors to the public last week.

Cayman 27’s Jevaughnie Ebanks stopped by and has this report.

Images on the club’s Facebook page tell the story — newly opened Mariposa will feature food, drinks and dancers wearing very little.

“It’s not a stripping club,” Mr. Roper said. “It’s a cabaret where these girls are using this pole to dance.”

Mr. Roper says people may make assumptions about the club but says he isn’t doing anything wrong.

“No nudity. No, nothing of that sort. My girls have guidelines to go by and there is nobody coming to fondle them or anything like that,” he said.

Mr. Roper says he was granted all the necessary permits like a music and dancing control license and a liquor license.

“I’m following the guidelines of what the law say they can wear, come with out a top on and wear a pasty over their nipple. I don’t go over that line,” he said.

He expects the club to attract plenty of visitors.

“This is why,” he said, “I look around and see that this is necessary. That is needed to entertain the tourist and to entertain our local people and we need to move forward not backwards.”

He says those who have a problem with the club should come check it out before passing judgement.

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