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Blue Spot calls for Planning to step in

One disability-rights activist blames the Planning Department for letting those who ignore blue spots off the hook.

Kent McTaggart says police are doing their job to ticket those who illegally park in blue spots reserved for the disabled. But he says many spots around Cayman are not maintained properly and he says the Planning Department needs to step in.

“When they are marked, they need to be maintained. It’s actually the remit of Planning to ensure that they are maintained but what is happening is that Planning is not doing the enforcement, so the facilities are not keeping up the spots and that actually ties the hands of the RCIPS because when they go give tickets often the people go and fight them. And if they are not marked correctly, then the people get off with the ticket.”

Cayman 27 reached out to the Department of Planning on Tuesday (13 February). A spokesperson said they’d look into whether that is their responsibility. We’ve yet to hear back. Cayman 27 was unable to independently verify today whether the department is tasked with maintaining the spots.

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