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Locally made film Hidden discusses mental illness

Locally made movie Hidden premiered today (8 February) as part of the launch for the Alex Panton Foundation, which is aimed at helping children suffering from mental health issues.

It’s a film written and directed by friends of Alex Panton, who took his own life as a young man.

It explores the depths of anxiety and depression in young people to highlight that mental illness, even in paradise, is a very real problem.

The movie was a labour of love from members of the community and was produced with the aim of starting a dialogue about mental health and to show the complexity of how it can affect each individual.

It’s a conversation that the film hopes to make Cayman more comfortable with having.

Ally McRae, a friend of Mr. Panton and a member of the Alex Panton Foundation board, spoke on why she thinks mental illness is a stigma in Cayman still.

“It’s the island that time forgot, so I think in a lot of ways certain aspects of our culture maintain traditional values which sometimes include things like not, you know, speaking about negative emotions that you’re having inside and portraying a very happy picture especially because it’s such a small island,” said Ms. McRae.

The film premiered at Camana Bay cinema and was free to the public.

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