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Sea turtle rescued behind Lobster Pot

One man’s brief lunch stop at the Lobster Pot turned into an hour-long effort to rescue a sea turtle yesterday (20 February.)

This as he sought to help the animal that was in distress and tangled in a fishing line tightly wound around its fin.

Craig Bonthorne said he noticed the turtle break the water for breath when he arrived at the restaurant but it remained nearby. He said he knew something was not right and fortunately he chose to investigate.

“I touched him so I was like something’s wrong and there was a rock there so I hop on the rock and jumped down and see a fishing line so I pulled the fishing line and I felt something heavy and it was a sea turtle and at that moment I went back to the truck got a knife, some goggles and went back cut the line that’s shortest, put the sea turtle on the jet ski gently went to the shore and that’s when I did the procedure,” said Mr. Bonthorne.

The turtle was freed of the line and released into the water. Following the incident, Mr. Bonthorne stressed that people should stop littering.

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