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Czech Inn owner recounts armed robbery, calls for law changes to allow business owners to have guns

One businesses man says he wishes he had a firearm to protect himself after armed thieves fired a shot in his restaurant and pepper-sprayed him before making off with cash on Saturday (3 March.) Jiri “George” Zitterbart owner of Czech Inn Grill said he wished Cayman’s laws were different so that he could have a firearm to protect his business. “It’s hard to do something different, you can’t carry your own gun or have pepper-spray in this island,” he said.

On Saturday armed robbers held up Mr. Zitterbart’s restaurant. He said his child and his wife were in the store when a masked man entered with a gun and demanded cash.”I make a step I see the guy with the black hoodie, with mask on the face and the Beretta in the hand and I pull my son and put him behind me,” Mr. Zitterbart said.

He said businesses should have options to defend themselves. “Anyone who opens late at night, I believe they should have some protection because even our forces, even though the police was very quick how I called them and they came in a few minutes time, even them doesn’t have guns,” he said.

When asked if the law were to change if he would get a gun he said, ” I will… I will definitely.”

These sentiments were also expressed by the owner of a nearby business. Nina Squire from Beach Bubbles said, “I choose not to go there because I would get very freaked out if I really started to think about it and probably would want to have a gun. ” Mr. Zitterbart, a former army officer, said he can tell by the posture and the actions people who robbed him that they were young. He said, “It was only 2 kids, its literally big kids. Not grown-up people. I believe the taller one who pulled the gun on be cant be older than his 20’s.” His past experience in the army helped him to identify the weapon pointed at him. He said, “It was a 19-11 stainless steel chrome Beretta.” He said he hopes the person who robbed his company is brought to justice but said, more importantly, the gun they had should be taken off the streets.

Police said after robbing Czech Inn Grill the robbers shot at officers along Victory Avenue. They escaped onto the nearby swampy area. Earlier in that evening, the men robbed Rollins Convenience Store on Seymour Drive, George Town.

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