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Derelict car issue persists in West Bay

Garbage pile-up and derelict cars abandoned around island continue to be a challenge in Cayman.

And now it’s impacting a popular sporting venue in West Bay and residents are calling for immediate action from authorities.

Ed Bush Sports Centre is meant to be a place dedicated to sports but of late residents say it seems to be dedicated as more of a dump to some people.

“The issue has to do with dumping of derelict cars or vehicles and it’s become a big issue in recent times I mean it’s been a big issue over the years,” said Mark Hunte.

And it’s simply an eyesore for the island according to West Bay resident Mark Hunte.

It’s just very unsightly it’s hazardous and it’s just creating a bad impression of the Ed Bush sports stadium and this world class facility.

And he said it seems even when they’re moved more quickly the reappear.

“When the authorities do get around to moving the vehicles and it usually takes weeks before they do that, then you will find that people will bring another one back there and just dump it again.

The frustration is increasing amongst residents like Henry Bush who insists those contributing to the mess face consequences.

“The government need to look into and find out who these vehicles for and give them a bill or whatever because it’s too disgraceful people just come in here from all over the place and just putting their garbage in the front of people buildings it’s a disgrace to what going on in West Bay.

Mr. Hunte said he hopes that government will strive to take some actions to stop this reoccurring problem.

“I would probably suggest that one, the government can erect a fence at the property that’s adjacent to the Ed Bush sports stadium and second I think that they could also put up more or put up litter signs or no dumping signs and to not use this site as an authorized I guess facility for the annual clean up,” said Mr. Hunte.

Cayman 27 reached out to the Department of Environmental Health on the issue and they said, “The vehicles in question have been identified and will be removed as soon as possible.”

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