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Errington Webster gets 6 years in prison for assault of a female minor

Justice Charles Quinn today (6 March) sentenced former political hopeful 55-year-old Errington Webster to 6 years behind bars.

Mr. Webster, last year, was convicted of sex crimes with a girl who at the time was 13-years-old.

Justice Quinn sentenced Mr. Webster to a total of 21 years imprisonment, but those sentences will run concurrently meaning he will only spend about six years in prison.

Last year he was found guilty on 3 charges of indecent assault and one of gross indecency.

The conviction stems from 2015 when Mr. Webster forced the girl to take part in sexual acts in his home and car culminating in an incident in which she recorded on her phone Mr. Webster masturbating in front of her.

During sentencing Justice Quinn said Mr. Webster’s crimes placed him in the “culpability A” category due to the significant planning involved, grooming a vulnerable child, abuse of trust, targeting a young girl and the significant disparity of age.

Justice Quinn read from the victim impact report where it was stated that the minor involved no longer trusts men, she doesn’t like to leave home and a social worker said she has suffered much trauma.

The sexual harm prevention order that the crown applied for however was not approved by Justice Quinn saying he did not have the power to give a sexual harm prevention order in relation to Mr. Webster.

His time spent in custody and house arrest will be taken into account and deducted from his 6 years prison time

Mr. Ebanks still insists he is innocent and according to a social inquiry report “he objects any responsibility for harm caused to the victim.”

Mr. Webster seemed to be calm and composed after hearing the sentencing, he smiled as he walked away stopping momentarily to wave to his wife.

The scene was a bit different outside the back of the courthouse Mr. Webster was leaving the building.

Family members waiting outside the building near the prison van were clearly angry with media presence in the area.

It has not yet been specified how much time from Mr. Webster’s house arrest and time spent in custody there is in total to be deducted from his 6-year sentence.


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