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Errington Webster returns to court for sentencing

Former political hopeful Errington Webster returned to court today (28 February) for sentencing.

And yet again there was no decision on his punishment after he was found guilty last June on 3 charges of indecent assault and 1 charge of gross indecency.

Just after two hours of lengthy arguments from the prosecution and Mr Webster’s defense, presiding judge Justice Charles Quinn, said he would deliver his sentence next week Tuesday.

Prosecution stressed the severity of the charges to Justice Quinn, and asked that the sentence be proportional to the severity of his actions.

It was pointed out that for his charges of indecent assault, the maximum sentence is 10 years and for gross indecency it’s 12.

It was said in court that he has demonstrated no remorse on his part for his offences which prosecution said was absence of a mitigating factor.

Aggravating factors given to court included that he not only targeted the child but groomed her, he was a figure in the community with considerable trust which he abused, constantly messaged her with promises of taking care of her and provided her with gifts and victim blaming.  He referred to her as the little girl who came up with the lies and said only the almighty can help with the child’s conscience.

Mr. Webster has blamed his lawyer Steve Mcfield and the jury stating they were influenced by the media.

He was seen listening intently to the court proceedings, members of his family were present to support him as prosecution and defence gave submissions to Justice Quinn.

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