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Happy Pi Day!

Wednesday, 14 March is a day dedicated to the Pi that’s 3.14, the special numerical number is found in many mathematical formulas. And with March being the third month and the 14th day making it 3.14 Cayman Prep and High school celebrated Pi day! Cayman 27’s Jevaughnie Ebanks has the score.

Students here at Cayman Prep and High celebrated Pi day in the only way that Pi day should be celebrated with pie eating competitions and of course, seeing who can recite the most digits of pi. A total of 8 students made it to the final round. But only 3 came out on top. The Year Nine champ Olivia Plunkett came out on top for her year group and this is how she said she managed to do it. She said, “In year 7 they had a poster like all the way down the corridor of just the digits of pi every time I would walk by I would pick up a number or two and then I just kind of remembered them.” However not to be left behind, Year Seven student Lachlan Sowdroy did better with reciting over 100 digits of pi.

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