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Inspired, passionate and proud: Celebrating women in sports across Cayman

We asked a few of Cayman’s female athletes what International Women’s Day means to them as we celebrate the accomplishments and applaud every women who has represented Cayman locally and internationally in sports.

Eilidh Bridgeman, Squash

“I feel very luck to have grown up in Cayman where there is a big sporting culture, so growing up I was immersed in so many different sports. To have the opportunity to represent Cayman at the Commonwealth Games. There are so many squash players around the world from bigger countries and they would dream about getting this far, so it’s pretty phenomenal, it’s a major accomplishment. International Women’s Day is a day of inspiration.

Ileann Powery, Volleyball

“Being a native Caymanian is important to me, so it’s a privilege to say I am Caymanian, I am an athlete, I represent on a broader scale, I represent this little gem that I have called the Cayman Islands. I think about my elders, I think about the struggles they’ve faced and all the things they’ve persevered. Carrying that flag and wearing those colors is the most amazing feeling ever. International Women’s Day is about being proud, being a women, not being afraid to go for what you want. To fight for what you deserve, it’s about being bold, courageous, beautiful and strong.

Arie Smith, Football

“It’s a great honor, putting on the Cayman jersey to represent like we did in the women’s World Cup qualifier like we did in 2014. Especially when it’s in your own country. Not just my time playing in the field, but with my foundation, just having little girls coming up to me and say thank you for bringing their favorite football players like Carli Llloyd and Allie Long to Cayman to see them in person, and realize they can become this one day. International Women’s Day is about female empowerment and inspiration for all the little young girls and all the young athletes coming up.

Kerri Kanuga, Distance Runner

“It’s always an honor to represent Cayman around the world. What’s interesting in my sport is that the women compete at the same level as the men. It doesn’t matter what age you are, I’ve beaten 60 years olds and I’ve beaten 20 year olds. I’m just proud to be apart of this community and call Cayman my home. I just want us to be recognized around the world and to have people know what a beautiful country I enjoy. International Women’s Day is about finding your strong, being your best, sharing that and encouraging others.


About the author

Jordan Armenise

Jordan Armenise

From Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, Jordan Armenise began his sports broadcasting journey with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats of the Canadian Football League. It was in this role where he was able to merge his best attributes: sports knowledge and personality. While with the Ticats, Jordan provided live analysis and interviews while developing a digital portfolio of one-on-one interviews, episodic sports comedy and full length sports & news features. He has also worked with CBC Sports for Hockey Night in Canada, the 2014 Sochi Olympics and Special Olympics as well as roles with Cineflix and Cream Productions as an Assistant Director.

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