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Joint operations with RCIPS and CIFS making positive strides forward

The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service and the Cayman Islands Fire Service are no strangers to working together towards a common goal.

And now they have sought ways to further improve effective emergency responses on island.

In recent weeks Cayman’s Fire Services and the RCIPS have been working closely to enhance cooperation between agencies and Fire Chief David Hails says it’s going in the right direction.

“With the cooperation between all emergency service on the island we can see fast improvements to what we’re trying to achieve and obviously we’re trying to achieve the Deputy Governors vision of providing the Cayman Islands with a world-class civil service,” said Chief Hails.

One of those improvements is a mobile dialing receiver which RCIPS Commander of Operations Unit Scott Fitzgerald said is an important tool.

“What I’ve got in my hand at the moment is our mobile dialing receiver, it’s part of the aircraft equipment but what it does is puts the image of what we see in the aircraft hands on to the people on the ground,” said Commander Fitzgerald.

It proved to be quite effective when it came to helping fire personnel on the ground fighting last month’s bushfire in East End.

“It’s very important because we can anticipate the spread of the fire also we can ensure we don’t put fire officers in dangerous positions,” said Mr. Hails.

It was also used recently in the dump fire at George Town landfill.

“It allowed them to look at the hot spots and deal with the fire in the most effective way and quickly,” said Mr. Fitzgerald.

According to Mr. Fitzgerald, the high-cost item came at no cost to the government and is a major improvement to the RCIPS helicopter capability.

“We’ve always had a dialogue capability on the aircraft when it came but it was an analog capability and we had a number of issues over the years with interference,” said Mr. Fitzgerald.

Working on joint operations is not a first for the RCIPS or CIFS, but with the improvements on equipment and training, it has helped them to work more cohesively.

Both men said the collaboration will continue as they work towards improving Cayman’s emergency response mechanisms.

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