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Miller says he is not against business owners having guns

Opposition Leader Hon. Ezzard Miller says he is ok with business owners arming themselves to protect themselves. This after some in the business community call for action following a pair of armed robberies last weekend. But he said it should only apply to Caymanian owners not work permit holders. Mr. Miller also made it clear that it should not be a “Free-for-all” to own guns.

“Well I support business owners having reasonable means to protecting their business and if that is a gun’s license, I’m not against business owners having gun license provided they are Caymanian, they are law-abiding citizen with clean police records,” he said.

Mr. Miller said he also does not mean owning any type of gun.

“I don’t support people having Uzi’s and AK-47 and AR-15 what we are talking about is shot guns and rifles,” he added.

Mr. Miller also stated that he does have concerns about how guns are issued. Cayman 27 will be looking into those concerns.

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