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NCVO Bargain Shop: Donations must to meet certain standards

The National Council of Voluntary Organisations, NCVO is always open to accepting the community’s charitable donations at their bargain shop.

But they are reminding donors that items being donated still needs to be of a certain standard or it cannot be accepted.

NCVO’s coordinator Mona-Lisa Meade said the bargain shop has a donation policy that some seem to not be fully aware exists.

“What we’re seeing is that people are dropping off larger items without contacting us so that we are able to arrange pick up times or even to see if we have the space to hold it,” said Ms. Meade.

This does not mean that the continued support of the community is not appreciated.

“Obviously we’re very thankful to the wider community for giving us the donations that they have been and supporting us over the years because we do receive funding from the sales of our new to you bargain shop,” said Ms. Meade.

But she said sometimes due to poor conditions of items items must be turned away because they are unable to sell them.

So if you are considering donating Ms. Meade has a suggestion for you.

“I always say it’s a good rule of thumb if you wouldn’t give it to your family member or you wouldn’t hand it off to someone because you don’t think they would take it, then it may not be worth donating it at a thrift shop,” said Ms. Meade.

Items that are just not in good condition to sell to others can create a challenge for the staff to deal with.

“Just earlier this week we received a donation of a nightstand but it had no drawers. There’s no way for us to find the correct drawers to fit that so it is essentially something we would have to throw out,” said Ms. Meade.

She wants people to remember the important role the new to you bargain shop serves.

“Bargain shop basically services clientele that are on the lower socioeconomic status in the Cayman Islands, so we want to make sure that we have items that are lightly used so think about what you’re donating,” said Ms. Meade.

The NCVO’s donation policy is available on

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