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Opposition Leader says Caymanians are ” becoming more tolerant” to violent crimes

Opposition Leader Hon. Ezzard Miller says he believes Cayman is becoming desensitized to violent crime and he believes the change comes from the influx of different cultures from foreigners coming into the islands. Cayman 27 Jevaughnie Ebanks has this report.

The Opposition Leader said it appears Cayman is becoming too accepting of violent crimes.

“Caymanians are becoming more tolerant of violent crimes. 10 years ago when you head of someone accosting somebody with a knife the whole country went up in arms and demanded solutions. Now people got shot on Sunday night, it’s kind of you know well no big deal,” he said.

Mr Miller said crime is a multi-faceted issue but he believes there is one big influencing factor here. ” A lot of it is influx of other nationalities which dilute our culture and have their own value because what we consider in Cayman as a serious crime. For some of these other countries is just run of the days activities right? It’s normal in their society,” he said.

The Opposition Leader said he wants to see more resources pumped into different areas to combat crime. “I believe we need to be spending more resources on early intervention we need to be sending more resources for rehabilitation.” He said he also wants to see more done for border protection to cut down on gun-related crimes,” Mr. Miller said.

“Well I think there has to be greater interdiction at the border. No guns are manufactured in Cayman so they are all coming in through illegal source so we need to improve our customs surveillance or marine surveillance but these are part of the thing neither one can prevent that,” said Mr. Miller.

Mr. Miller is pushing for a crime prevention strategy one he hopes will achieve just that. Mr. Miller said the Opposition is bringing a private members motion to address crime in the next sitting of the LA which begins tomorrow (14 March.)

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