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2017 crime stats: Possession of ganja with intent to supply jumps up 79%

Crime statistics for 2017 were released on Friday (20 April.) Cayman saw an overall 1% drop in crime, but a slight jump in serious crimes.

According to the stats, drug offences accounts for 4% of Cayman crimes. Cayman 27 Jevaughnie Ebanks joined us live with more.

Possession of ganja with intent to supply more than doubled in 2017 over 2016 with a whopping 79% rise. That’s according to the crime statistics report released on Friday. But let’s break down the drug numbers for 2017.

Police forensically processed over 500 packages of drugs in Cayman, 562 to be more precise. Breaking that down police seized over 1,600 pounds of ganja and almost 4 kilos of cocaine.

Possession of ganja dropped by 2% from 82 in 2016 to 80 in 2017. Consumption of ganja also dropped by over 50% with 2016 recording 33 arrests to 19 arrests in 2017.

At the police conference on Friday Superintendent Robert Graham said things like drugs and other crimes can be reduced by proper community policing.

“As we move forward as officer become more accessible more familiar to those particular communities then there will be more reporting and you know from a community perspective if you look at the roll of a community officer. It’s not just about building the relationships it about target hardening and addressing local issues,” said Mr. Graham.

While ganja and cocaine seem to be Caymans drug of choice, police said they also seized 0.6 grams of ecstasy and 10.7 grams of amphetamines as well.

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