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GTC MLA calls for mortgage meeting

George Town Central MLA Kenneth Bryan says he wants to put faces to Cayman’s foreclosure problems. It’s all in the hope that Government legislators will begin to seriously address the issue and he’s calling for those affected by foreclosures to join with him and lend their voices.

Mr. Bryan said after almost a year in office, Government MLAs are not doing anything to address foreclosures.

“I was hoping that the attention that was brought to foreclosures in this country would have been enough for the legislators who form the government to say this is a serious issue let’s try to do something about it. It’s been close to a year now since we have all been elected and still nothing has changed and I continue to hear the cries of the people about foreclosure” said Mr. Bryan.

Mr. Bryan believes seeing the faces of those impacted by foreclosures would stir up action. He said he will be holding a public meeting later this month on it. Late in the afternoon Cayman 27 reached out to Roy Tatum, the Head of the Premier’s Office for comment on Mr. Bryan’s statements, but up to news time we had no response.

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