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No date yet for gun amnesty, MLAs support NSC plans

No firm date yet for the gun amnesty programme aiming to get illegal guns off the street. The programme was one of several crime-fighting initiatives coming out of last week’s National Security Council meeting.

While the scope of the programme is yet to take shape several lawmakers tell Cayman 27 they are encouraged by what they are hearing.

A gun amnesty programme, details for a new Coast Guard, increased collaboration between crime-fighting agencies, George Town Central MLA Kenneth Bryan said he likes it all.

“Anything to do with security for this country I’m in support off. I think the security of our islands is one thing that all parliamentarians are unified in that front,” said Mr. Bryan. Those were a few of the ideas coming out of last week’s National Security Council meeting. It was the first time the NSC convened for nearly a year.

In respect to the gun amnesty I think having a gun amnesty anywhere in this country is a good idea and even if you just get one gun, that’s one less of the streets,” said Mr. Bryan.

George Town South MLA Barbara Connolly said the addition of a coast guard will boost safety in her constituency.

“I am exposed to some of the shorelines and it would protect my people and my shorelines in terms of like the Consuelo beach are by the South Sound community centre, as well as, Smith Cove,” said Ms. Connolly.

West Bay West MLA Hon. McKeeva Bush said the ideas put forth by the NSC extend beyond political party lines.

“That’s in my manifesto, check the Premier’s manifesto. It was something similar. We all had the same objective. He had the same objective, he put it into work and the Governor has prepared and said from the very outset that he is going to work with the premier to ensure. That the polices to stem crime to stem the inflow of illegal contraband and to protect the borders that’s what the governor said,” said Mr. Bush.

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